Travel Guide to the Ometepe Island with detailed Maps, Hotels and Tourist Information

Map of Ometepe

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Map of Ometepe Nicaragua

Ometepe has a population of around 42,000 on an area of 276 km².
The island measures approximately 31 kilometers in length and about five to ten kilometers in width.

Moyogalpa Altagracia Charco Verde Santo Domingo Balgue Merida Punta Jesus Maria Ojo de Agua Rio Istian Petroglyphs San Ramon Waterfall Volcano Concepcion Volcano Maderas

Map of Moyogalpa

The largest village on Ometepe with bank, hotels and ferries connecting to the mainland of Nicaragua.


Map of Altagracia

The second largest village on Ometepe with old church, museum and port for ferries to Granada and San Carlos.

Charco Verde

Map of Charco Verde Area

Visit the nature reserve of Charco Verde with its emerald green lagoon, and relax on scenic beaches.

Santo Domingo

Playa Santo Domingo

A 4 km expanse of sandy beach with a constant refreshing breeze. Enjoy a relaxing beach hotel, cozy bars and nearby tours.

Map of Balgue

Map of Balgüe Area

The northern slopes of the Maderas are a center for for eco-tourism. See petroglyphs or hike the volcano from Finca Madgalena.

Map of Merida and San Ramon

Merida and San Ramon

Sandwiched between scenice beaches and the jungle of volcano Maderas. Go on a kayak tour or hike to the waterfall

Punta Jesus Maria

Punta Jesus Maria

A sand bank juts far into the lake of Nicaragua and affords panoramic views of the island Ometepe.

Ojo de Agua Ometepe

Ojo de Agua

A freshwater source feeds two large swimming pools set into old growth forest.

Rio Istian Ometepe

Rio Istián

Explore the isthmus of Ometepe with its rich bird life on a kayak trip through the water jungle of the Istián river.

Petroglyphs on Ometepe Island


The pre-Columbian stone sculptures found around volcano Maderas make Ometepe one of the world's greatest rock art areas.

San Ramon Waterfall

San Ramon Waterfall

Hike up through the jungle to a gorgeous 50 m waterfall located on the slopes of the volcano Maderas

Volcan Concepcion and Maderas


Ometepe is formed by two volcanos, the still active Concepcion and the jungle covered Maderas with its crater lagoon.