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El Ojo de Agua

The Ojo de Agua is a natural spring pool filled with crystal clear water from an underground river that comes from volcano Maderas. The swimming hole is rimmed with cement to form two separate swimming areas where the water gets renewed constantly by the spring that emerges from the bottom of the upper pool.

Pictures of Ojo de Agua

  • pct/ojodeagua.jpg

    The upper pool where the spring has its source

    Ojo de Agua
  • pct/ojodeagua-ometepe.jpg

    Early morning view from the upper to the lower pool

    Ojo de Agua Ometepe Island
  • pct/side.jpg

    The lower pool is 40 m long

    The swimming pool
  • pct/stands.jpg

    Souvenir stands at Ojo de Agua

    Souvenir stands at Ojo de Agua
  • pct/resto.jpg

    Restaurant of Ojo de Agua

    Restaurant of Ojo de Agua


The lower pool is almost 2 m deep and 40 m long, so if there aren't too many people you can do really good laps in it. The Ojo de Agua is a nice place to unwind and cool off after a strenuous journey or a hike on Ometepe's volcanos. On the edge around the pools you can doze in wooden sun chairs, read your book and cool down in the soft water when you feel like it. You can bring your own food and drinks, or order beverages and food from the restaurant.

In recent years the Ojo de Agua has become popular with visiting tourists and local families so that on some days you find it pretty crowded and loud. The former bliss and serenity of this magical place additionally suffered because the owners removed most of the big old trees in the surrounding forest. They gave way to a much larger restaurant, a parking lot, bathrooms, ranchos and souvenir stands.

Admission to the Ojo de Agua costs $3.
If you can arrange it avoid holidays and weekends.

From Altagracia it's around 5 km to the Ojo de Agua. Take the road to Playa Santa Domingo and watch out for a sign indicating "The Eye of the Water". If you are on a bus tell the driver to drop you there. From the turnoff it is a 500 m walk to the parking lot.
From Playa Santo Domingo go 2 km on the road to Altagracia until you reach the other entrance to the Ojo de Agua. After paying the admission fee you continue for 500 m through the farmland until the pools. With a car take the other entrance, one km further, as described above.