Travel Guide to the Ometepe Island with detailed Maps, Hotels and Tourist Information

Community Projects and NGOs on Ometepe


A selection of non-profit organizations and community-based projects:

Natural Doctors International (NDI)

Since 2005 NDI's volunteer naturopathic physicians provide free alternative healthcare to communities on Ometepe. NDI offers internships to medical students and licensed professionals with courses in natural medicine in global health care. Another focus of the organization is women empowerment and education, leading nutrition and health workshops.

Ometepe-Projekt Nicaragua

A health and educational project in Playa Santo Domingo initiated in 1993 by the German couple Monika und Michael Höhn. The project finances the local school "La Esperanza" and runs a clinic and ambulance which also provides health services in remote, poor areas of the island. Special attention to women, informing on hygiene, pregnancy, contraception and nutrition. Also micro loans for small businesses.  (German only)

Fundación Entre Volcanes (FEV)

Aimed at sustainable development the foundation joins different local association who offer homestays in rural communities on Ometepe island. Other members are food and artesan cooperations. The foundation strives to promote Ometepe's culture and traditions along with protection of the environment. Tourists can experience community life in the foundation's member associations in Merida, San Ramon, Los Angeles and Paloma.  (Spanish only)

Project Bona Fide (PBF)

The 43-acre educational farm near Balgüe focuses on experimental and scientific organic farming using permaculture techniques. The local community is involved by shared knowledge and plants from the nursery. Additionally PBF supports a community center with classes in English, computers, and professional techniques. Volunteer opportunities include working on the farm and teaching classes.