Travel Guide to the Ometepe Island with detailed Maps, Hotels and Tourist Information


Moyogalpa is the main gateway to Ometepe, easily reached from the mainland of Nicaragua on a 1-hour ferry ride from San Jorge, Rivas. Located on the west side of volcano Concepción, it is the largest village and commercial center on Isla Ometepe, and presents a less indigenous population than the rest of the island.
From the port, Moyogalpa's main drag leads uphill to a small church where it meets the circular road which runs around the whole island. The Concepción looms over Moyogalpa and provides a dramatic and always changing backdrop to the village scenery.

Pictures of Moyogalpa

  • pct/moyogalpa.jpg

    View from the boat to the port of Moyogalpa backed by the Concepción.

  • pct/gas.jpg

    From the port Moyogalpa's main drag rises up to the church.

  • pct/church.jpg

    The tiny church of Moyogalpa. From the bell tower you enjoy a great view.

    Church of Moyogalpa
  • pct/oldhouse.jpg

    Old wood house in Moyogalpa

    Church of Moyogalpa
  • pct/street.jpg

    Street views in Moyogalpa are dominated by the looming volcano.

  • pct/museum.jpg

    The museum of Moyogalpa houses a private collection of pre-Columbian artefacts.

    Moyogalpa old house
  • pct/fiesta.jpg

    Several fiestas are held in Moyogalpa throughout the year.

    Ometepe traditions
  • pct/lakescene.jpg

    Lake scenery in Moyogalpa

    Lake Nicaragua
  • pct/recreate.jpg

    The small public park at the side of the port is good place to sit and watch the arrival and departure of the boats, or a stunning sunset over the lake.

    Ferry Moyogalpa
  • pct/oldboat.jpg

    The lancha Karen Maria is a veteran of the fleet. The boats are safe but some people become seasick on the lake's choppy waters.

    Boat to Ometepe
  • pct/ferry.jpg

    There are now 4 different ferries connecting Ometepe to the Nicaraguan mainland.

    Ferry to Moyogalpa
  • pct/bus.jpg

    Buses wait for the arrival of the boats. Often the buses become very crowded so be sure to take a seat quickly.

    Ometepe Bus
  • pct/airport.jpg

    Construction of the new Ometepe airport, 2 km from Moyogalpa.

    Ometepe Airport
  • pct/sunset.jpg

    Moyogalpa is great for watching magnificent sunsets over the lake backed by the distant mainland of Nicaragua.

    Sunset on the Lake Nicaragua


For travelers with a tight time schedule Moyogalpa is a good base for exploring Ometepe while enjoying the comforts of a small town with its choice of hotels, restaurants, shops and services. A host of tour operators and hotels in Moyogalpa arrange volcano hikes, excursions to petroglyphs, beaches and other attractions. You can also rent bicycles or motorcycles to explore Isla Ometepe on your own.
For lodging you find a good choice of hostels and hotels in Moyogalpa, most of them in the in the lower and middle price range.

Moyogalpa is a good starting point for a hike on the volcano Concepción. The trail starts at La Concepción, 4 km north of Moyogalpa. Those who don't want to climb until the summit can hike until the lookout point of El Floral at an altitude of 1,000 meters. This tour takes around 3 hours one way and winds through a jungle where you can spot monkeys and birds.

An easy hike from Moyogalpa is along the shore of the lake to the north of the village. After one kilometer you arrive at the wetlands of El Apante with its lagoon and rich bird life. In dry season you can walk around the lagoon on a nature trail.
Another excursion can be made to Punta Jesus Maria a good beach for swimming and scenic viewpoint located 4 km south of Moyogalpa.

Facing the western side of Ometepe, Moyogalpa is a great place for watching the sunset which can be enjoyed from the small park at the side of the port. You will watch the departure and arrival of the boats, carrying tourists with their backpacks and locals loaded with supplies from Rivas and Managua.

Several civic fiestas are held in Moyogalpa during the year, with parades of school children and horse riders, accompanied by music and folklore. The most important celebration in Moyogalpa is the patron's saint festival which takes place from July 23 - 26 and features the folkloric dance Baile de las Inditas.