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San Ramon Waterfall

San Ramon Waterfall

Ometepe Waterfall

Waterfall in San Ramon

The cascade of San Ramon is a gorgeous 50 meter waterfall on the southern slope of the Maderas volcano, about 4 km from the village of San Ramon.

There are several trails which lead to the waterfall. The easiest to find starts at the Biological Field Station in San Ramon, where you pay a small entrance fee. The first two kilometers are on a road with little shade until you reach a hydro-electric plant. During the hike you have some great views down to the Lake Nicaragua.

After the hydro-electric plant the trail splits in two directions: the path to the left brings you to the top of the Maderas volcano, while the path to the right goes to the waterfall.
A clearly marked trail takes you through dense jungle, passing by old trees covered in moss, vines and bromeliads. Howler monkeys live in this area, and a wide variety of birds, butterflies and other insects, some of them endemic to the Maderas volcano. You might even spot a snake or bats swooping through the trees.

Around 2 hours from the Biological Field Station in San Ramon you reach the waterfall that cascades down over mossy rocks. Put on your bathing suite and cool off in the natural shower of the waterfall and the small pool at its foot.
The San Ramon Waterfall is most beautiful during rainy season and a few months more. In dry season, March and April, there is sometimes very little water and the falls are reduced to a just a thin spray of water.

The bus to San Ramon leaves Moyogalpa at 8:30 a.m. and arrives in San Ramon at 12:30 (see Bus Schedules). Ask the bus driver to drop you off at the Biological Station. The round trip takes around 4 hours so you will hardly catch the last bus to Moyogalpa at 3 p.m. For staying overnight you find some nice cabins and hotels in Merida and San Ramon.
If you are staying in Merida it's a hike of around 4 km until the Biological Station in San Ramon (see: Map of Merida and San Ramon).